The eyes – Analysis by Dr Gauthier – Part V

Mis à jour le 06 Jun 2023
Médecine esthétique du regard : Analyse des sourcils. Dr. Nelly Gauthier Paris

Analysis of the Eyes – THE EYEBROWS

“The eyes are the greatest weapon of coquetry…” wrote Stendhal.

And this is true for everyone at any age!

I will remind you that the eyes are an indivisible whole enclosed in a “frame”

  • Eyelids,
  • Forehead,
  • Temples,
  • Under-eye circles
  • Eyebrows.

It is on this “frame” that we can act.

In the first part I treated the eyelids. In the second part I treated the forehead. In the third part I treated the temples. In the fourth part I treated the under-eye circles.

I will now speak about the EYEBROWS, a feature that is wrongly neglected and mistreated by untimely hair removal.

The eyebrows have necessary benefits to the eyes:

– Through their: 1 – shape, the eyebrows support the eyes.

– Through their: 2 – Thickness, they give intensity to the eyes.

– Through their: 3 – Colour, they reflect the eyes.

1 – The shape:

Falling eyebrows give the appearance of tiredness and fatigue. The whole face can look tired and more aged simply because of the line of the eyebrows.

To give the eyebrows a harmonious shape and a correct position again, several techniques can be used:

  • Botulinum toxin can, through several well-placed injections, lift the end of the eyebrows and open the eyes. The goal of treatment is to relax the orbicularis muscle of the eye which pulls the eyebrow down. The effect of opening the eyes will only be visible after several days, and treatment should be renewed 1-2 times a year.
  • In some cases, a hyaluronic acid injection will help to support the tip of the eyebrow and to optimise the results of botulinum toxin.
  • In cases of extremely low eyebrows, a temporal facelift or even a brow lift will be necessary to correctly reposition the eyebrow. The post-operation result can, at a later stage, also be maintained using regular botulinum toxin injections.
  • It is also always possible to very slightly modify the eyebrow shape using a pigmentation technique (=tattooing). Be careful to not overly modify the original eyebrow design because you risk ending up with clown eyebrows (with an absurd shape and colour).

2 – Thickness:


Eyebrow hairs only live for 4 months, and, during ageing, they renew much less (like many of our cells).

The loss of thickness linked to time and/or hair removal lead to a loss strength of expression, which seems to fade…

At the moment, there are products available to thicken eyebrow hair. You can buy them in a pharmacy. After daily application for one month, the eyebrows will become thicker, and you should continue to regularly apply the product to conserve this thickness.

Here too, cleverly applied tattooing could also give the impression of thicker eyebrows.

3 – Colour:

Natural colour is always best.

Besides, if you look at the most beautiful celebrities who have dyed their hair blond, they have all kept the natural colour of their eyebrows (Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone, Marilyn Monroe amongst others).

Dying your eyebrows only lasts a couple of days and is often frustrating.

Some people cannot bear to see their eyebrow hair turn white, and so they remove it or dye it. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Some white hairs can highlight the eyebrows. And all white eyebrows make the colour of the eyes brighter…

The rediscovered colour, thickness and shape of the eyebrows will help give your eyes – your “greatest weapon” – their full power of seduction.


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