Dr.Nelly Gauthier

Médecin esthétique à Paris 8. Dr. Nelly Gauthier

A graduate of the Institute of Stomatology, Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, Dr Gauthier practices aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine at her surgery in Paris in the Champs Élysées area.

After her studies, Dr Nelly Gauthier trained for several years with plastic surgeons, before opening her own surgery where she specialises in non-invasive aesthetic procedures for the face and neck.

She is a co-author of numerous scientific articles, particularly in international journals (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Dermatologic Surgery journals), and many chapters of books on dermal fillers in the medical press (Facial rejuvenation with fillers, Injection treatments in cosmetic surgery).


  • of the Inter-University Diploma at the Tarnier-Cochin University Hospital Paris V – Paris XII: “Monitoring and assessment of injection techniques, fillers and volume restoration in dermatology and plastic surgery”
  • of the University Degree : “Anatomy of surface facial structures applied to injection techniques and aesthetic volume restoration”.


  • An internationally-renowned speaker, Dr Nelly Gauthier regularly gives talks at medical, dermatological and plastic surgery conferences.


  • Member of the Scientific Committee of IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) = Annual international conference on scientific progress in the field of aesthetics


  • Consultant to the medical industry in aesthetics, where she has a recognised role, particularly in dermal fillers and botulinum toxin.


  • Dr Nelly Gauthier is regularly interviewed in the mainstream press.