Spécialisée dans la médecine esthétique Dr. Nelly Gauthier à Paris 8

Dr. Nelly Gauthier

“ A different perspective on
aesthetic medicine “


Blépharoplastie médicale Dr. Nelly Gauthier à Paris 8

Lip enhancement

Hyaluronic acid injections
to reshape the lips

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Wrinkles and volume

Hyaluronic acid corrects wrinkles
and gives volumes to the face

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Botox injections

Botulinum toxin is used
to enhance the eyes

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Medical blepharoplasty

Plasma is a new technique to
treat sagging eyelids

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Halo Laser

The Halo Laser uses different wavelength
to improve the skin’s texture and quality

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These treatments use heat
to obtain an immediate effect

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For men

Cosmetic medicine is carried out
whilst respecting the particularity of male features

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Light therapy

Light therapy is used in aesthetic medicine
because of the regenerative and reparative effect it has on the skin

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Laser HALO : Le rajeunissement du visage par Dr Gauthier

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A different perspective on aesthetic medicine

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