Aesthetic medicine procedures for men

Nowadays, successful men are not necessarily those who have a healthy bank balance or drive a Jaguar, but rather those who display a bright, seductive and alluring maturity.

Aesthetic medicine for men

Having a pleasant physical appearance is increasingly important in our society. The man in possession of this performs better in his professional, social and personal life.

Consequently, men today readily seek medical-surgical aesthetic treatments.
However, before undergoing irreversible operations, men more often tend to find harmony and radiance using medical treatments.

The methods used are the same for everyone (hyaluronic acid injections, Botox, resurfacing, Coolsculpting), however these treatments are not applied in the same way as they are for women in order to preserve the uniqueness of male features.

Hyaluronic acid injections for men

Men are not looking for perfection, instead, hyaluronic acid serves to diminish certain very deep wrinkles or to give volume to areas that have become thinner over time.

Hyaluronic acid fills the furrows created by wrinkles and increases volume. It fixes water in the place where it is injected. The result is immediate, and the patient does not have to avoid social interaction. A new radiance will be seen over time.

Botox injections for men

Men are muscular, and their foreheads are no exception. However, removing masculine expressions using Botox must be avoided at all costs so as not to feminise the face. On the other hand, a correct dose of well-applied Botox will bring back brightness to the eyes and a welcome healthy glow.

To rejuvenate the eyes and forehead, Dr Gauthier adapts her technique to each case after thorough analysis of each face. Her objective is to obtain a natural result which allows movement of the forehead muscles and eyebrows.

Radiofrequency and ultrasound for men

Men do not use foundation, so to achieve a more uniform complexion, tightened pores and a more toned skin they can use radiofrequency/ultrasound surface treatments for tone and resurfacing (laser, peeling, etc.) for skin quality and regeneration.

In fact, radiofrequency and ultrasound cause an immediate and long-term lifting effect thanks to the use of heat. Laser treatment enables skin regeneration by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

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