Aesthetic medicine prices

The price of all the procedures practiced by Dr Gauthier is determined by the following:

  • for injectable products, the price will depend upon the nature and required quantity of the product
  • for skin surface treatments, the price will depend upon the instrument chosen and the duration of the procedure

An initial calculated evaluation will be made during the consultation for each procedure.

Attention: All of the following prices are subject to 20% VAT after 1st January 2014.

Consultation Rates
Cosmetic consultation €100 ex-VAT

Injections of filler products

Procedures Rates
Hyaluronic acid From €250 ex-VAT
Botox From €250 ex-VAT

Facial radiance

Procedures Rates
Transdermal radiofrequency From €500 ex-VAT
LED light From €60 ex-VAT
Blepharoplasty plasma (Plexr) From €500 ex-VAT