Illustration of ageing part #1 – Overall view

Mis à jour le 06 Jun 2023
La médecine esthétique et le vieillissement, Dr. Nelly Gauthier Paris

Ageing beings around the age of thirty. It is an unavoidable biological phenomenon.

All faces age over time… but not in the same way!
All people age differently, according to an individual pace which depends on the quality of their skin tissue, their lifestyle and their genes.

Speed: tissue ageing can happen slowly, imperceptibly, or rather, quickly and dramatically.

: ageing

  1. It can affect all tissues or some tissue layers more than others. For example, fat under the skin (which gives the face its plump appearance) can move or weaken, therefore giving a slimmer appearance and a “tired” look. In other cases, it is the skin that ages and wrinkles, more than the fatty tissue that supports it.
  2. It can affect one part of the face more than another, for example, the eyes are often affected, but the mouth or neck could also be affected whilst the rest of the face still looks good.

Aggravating factors:

a) The skin is damaged more quickly with the effects of the sun, smoking and a poor diet. The skin around the eyes and on the neck is particularly fragile.

b) Facial muscles that are regularly used when making strong expressions will create furrows (wrinkles) which are more or less deep, and, over time, the muscles will lose the ability to relax. They therefore remain fixed in the wrong position.

c) The bone structure of the face very often changes around the jawbone. In fact, poor dental hygiene changes all the bone and muscle structures in the area, creating jowls, bitterness wrinkles and a mouth that looks like it’s disappearing.


A detailed and personalised study of the ageing of your face is essential.

The doctor in charge of your beauty treatment must carry out an in-depth analysis of what is happening to your face in order to treat it in the necessary places.
Treating an area which doesn’t need to be treated will distort your face and will not bring youth or freshness to your face.


Specialized on aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, mainly on face and neck non-invasive aesthetic treatments, I use products such as Botox and Hyaluronic acid to give my patients a natural beauty