To treat facial wrinkles and volume loss, the lips, the nose and under-eye shadows, Dr Gauthier uses Juvéderm hyaluronic acid, manufactured by Allergan Laboratories. These rejuvenation treatments are risk-free, with some exceptions. Hyaluronic acid from the Juvéderm range is of non-animal origin. The presence of lidocaine reduces any potential pain.


Our faces naturally age over time, and this process is quicker or slower depending on our lifestyle.

The root causes are due to the natural phenomenon of the degeneration of cells, which are governed by genetic and hormonal laws. Our repeated expressions (joy, sadness, bitterness, anger, surprise, confusion) accelerate this process in the areas of the face we use most, depending on our experiences, and stamp wrinkles and furrows on our faces.

The underlying causes that aggravate and accelerate ageing are now well-known: lack of sleep, climate aggressions, pollution, smoking, repeated weight changes, poor diet, etc. It is difficult to remove all these aggravating factors, but we can limit the damage caused through healthy lifestyle habits.


To rejuvenate the face, first of all it is necessary to analyse it and study the different causes of ageing. In fact, facial ageing takes place on several levels, from the surface to deep levels, which also differ from one part of the face to another. For example, the skin could be well-conserved at the level of the cheeks, but not at the chin. As another example, it is possible to have very hollow eyes, cheeks with good volume, a scarred upper lip and a smooth forehead.

Ageing of each part of the face is a multifactorial process, unique to each area and not connected to neighbouring areas. The biggest development of the last few years is the idea that we do not need to “hunt” wrinkles, because experience has shown that smooth and drawn face do not make you look young. Instead, we should appropriately prevent and treat individual ageing processes in order to obtain a natural and stable result.

Melting fat in the face has a more or less significant impact from one person to another, however it causes an acceleration in general ageing, characterised by a loss of the volume typical of a youthful face, with the effect of a loss of skin elasticity.

This process can begin very early and affects the cheekbones, cheeks, temples, tear trough, corners of the lips and facial folds.

In summary, ageing:

  • creates skin depressions
  • makes the skin thinner
  • dries out the edge of the lips
  • hollows out depressions in our face (under-eye shadows, temples)
  • reduces our lips and smile
  • gives a sagging appearance to the contours of our face


Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in numerous cells in the body. This natural molecule protects, nourishes, hydrates and repairs tissues, and prevents and slows ageing.

After the age of 40, the hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the body is reduced. This reduction accelerates skin ageing. Little by little, we lose the ability to renew our skin and it becomes thinner and drier. Simultaneously, the fat beneath our skin reduces or moves, and the bone structures also change and become hollow.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that can be produced in a laboratory, and there is a great deal available on the market. The varieties differ in their consistency, their association to other products and their lifespan.
Regular hyaluronic acid injections make it possible to overcome this reduction and recreate a healthy-glow effect with unbeatable safety in this area.


JUVÉDERM® products are resorbable, hyaluronic acid-based injectable implants, crosslinked or non-crosslinked, of non-animal origin, and with lidocaine hydrochloride 0.3% (m/m). They are used to correct skin depressions and/or restore facial volume and/or improve skin hydration and elasticity. Lidocaine is present to reduce any pain the patient may feel.

According to the ANSM classification, JUVÉDERM® products are considered to be slowly resorbable, with a lifespan of 6-24 months.
It should be noted that the duration of the correction (filler) varies in accordance with the condition of the skin, the area of the face treated, the quantity and type of gel injected, the injection technique and the lifestyle of the patient (exposure to sunlight, smoking, etc.).

The optimisation of JUVÉDERM, its 2x1ml presentation and the appearance of adapted microcannulas make it a key player in today’s aesthetic medicine market. The addition of lidocaine makes injection much more comfortable and increases patient satisfaction. All ALLERGAN Laboratories Juvéderm is produced and marketed in France for the whole world. Numerous clinical trials have been carried out with this product. The JUVÉDERM range is the leading product for all hyaluronic acids. There are 5 “filler” products – Juvéderm Ultra (2, 3 and 4), Juvéderm UltraSmile, Juvéderm Volbella, Juvéderm Volift and Juvéderm Voluma.

Dr Gauthier chose to work with the Juvéderm range in order to guarantee both an optimum service and a high versatility in terms of the needs of each patient.


Facial volumetry consists of recreating lost volume and contours through hyaluronic acid injections. The face therefore naturally regains its fullness, without surgery and having to avoid social interaction. Shadows are reduced. You can achieve the desired healthy-glow effect.


Voluma® and the JUVÉDERM range were some of the first hyaluronic acids created to restore lost facial volume. They paved the way for volumetry. For many injectors, the JUVÉDERM range was a revelation in the development of their aesthetic practices, and it led to a new type of reflection in the analysis of faces and patient care.