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Tone with radiofrequency

Radiofréquence à Paris : une jolie qualité de peau, rosée, rafraîchie et pulpeuse. Dr N. Gauthier

“Radiofrequency has made spectacular progress in inducing tissue retraction and the dissolution of fat cells through heat”, explains Dr Nelly Gauthier, aesthetic doctor. The latest technology according to the pros?
“Fractional transdermal radiofrequency, an ideal procedure for fatty, soft and wrinkled necks”.
After local anaesthetic, micro-needles distribute the energy into the deep supporting tissues and subcutaneous fat. This creates areas of coagulation which will induce the contraction of collagen fibres. The patient will notice redness and swelling for twenty-four hours, and this will last for 3-4 days. The initial results appear after approximately one week and are very visible six months later. They last 2-5 years.
“Compared to ultrasound, this heat-induced contraction gives the skin a more beautiful, pink, refreshed and luscious look. And, above all, this technology makes it possible to make a neck which is marked, but not saggy enough to need surgery, look more beautiful”, notes Dr Nelly Gauthier.
How often?
2-3 sessions spread out over a minimum of 15 days.

Radiofréquence à Paris : une jolie qualité de peau, rosée, rafraîchie et pulpeuse. Dr N. Gauthier

Tone with Cryolipolysis

We’ve heard about Cryolipolysis and its ability to remove localised bulges on the thighs or stomach using cold temperatures.
The company Zeltiq has developed a new applicator, the CoolMini, which makes it possible to fill small areas such as the neck, double chin or jowls. “Aside from liposuction or facelifts, there was no other technique capable of removing neck fat or a double chin”, explains Dr Nelly Gauthier, aesthetic doctor.
The principle remains the same: the applicator is placed on the neck, keeping it cold for an hour in order to “crystallise” the fat cells and trigger them to naturally and gradually die, without any pain or side effects. “In one or two sessions you can obtain spectacular results which are sometimes better than if liposuction had been used, as this removes fat from the skin too abruptly, therefore risking sagging”, explains the doctor.
“With Cryolipolysis, the cells reorganise themselves to fill the gaps, resulting in harmonious skin retraction. In a maximum of three months, the neck is transformed”.

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