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The eyes – Analysis by Dr Gauthier – Part I

The eyes - Analysis by Dr Gauthier - Part I

Analysis of the Eyes – THE EYELIDS

“The eyes are the greatest weapon of coquetry…” wrote Stendhal.

And this is true for everyone at any age!
Makeup and even surgical procedures often lack subtlety and do not bring to light tired-looking eyes.
At present, we have many means of enhancing the eye area, preserving it, and even “restoring” its beauty.
To begin: what is the eye area?

Médecine esthétique du regard par Dr. Nelly Gauthier Paris

It is an indivisible whole made up of the eyes, of course, but particularly their surrounding frame:

  • Eyelids,
  • Forehead,
  • Temples,
  • Under-eye circles
  • Eyebrows.

It is on this “frame of our eyes” that we can act.
We will begin with the eyelids for this first part:

Drooping upper eyelids

The most radical treatment method is often surgery, by removing excess skin.

However, for drooping eyelids that appear early on, it is sometimes enough to raise the eyebrow a little using targeted botulinum toxin (Botox) injections to improve this falling eyelid effect.

Swollen lower eyelids

This is what we commonly refer to as under-eye bags.

Here, the most radical solution is also surgery, but it has a very bad reputation as regards lower eyelids, because it often results in a hollow-looking and/or round eye. So… be very careful!
It is also possible to reduce under-eye bags by working on the upper cheek and applying a hyaluronic acid filler to the circle under the eye bag.

Wrinkled eyelid skin

This is very thin skin which, due to the constant expression of the eyes, is damaged very easily. Here, solar exposure, smoking and other bad habits join together to very quickly damage the skin of this area.
Resurfacing treatments are therefore necessarily aggressive, since the idea is to totally renew the skin in this area.
Therapeutic resurfacing options are:

  • Laser (CO2, Ebrium): healing time is more or less long (fractional lasers make it possible to heal quicker, but more sessions are necessary).
  • Chemical peels: only strong chemical peels will renew the skin, small peels only have a stimulating effect, not a regenerating one.
  • Ablation therapy with radiofrequency: this can also be more or less fragmented and include a recovery time of several days.

The rediscovered radiance of the eyelids will help give your eyes – your “greatest weapon” – their full power of seduction.

Dr. Nelly Gauthier

Article written by Dr. Nelly Gauthier

Specialized on aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, mainly on face and neck non-invasive aesthetic treatments, I use products such as Botox and Hyaluronic acid to give my patients a natural beauty

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