Hyaluronic acid injections for medical rhinoplasty

Rhinoplastie médicale Paris ou injection d'Acide Hyaluronique l'embellissement du nez

Rhinoplasty consists of correcting minor defects in the nose using hyaluronic acid injection. It is also known as rhinomodulation. It is recommended for patients who are reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the nose. This technique gives a precise and natural result.

Indications for hyaluronic acid injections to the nose

Due to the central position of the nose, minor defects can alter facial harmony or the impact of the eyes, enough to cause the patient embarrassment or give them a complex. These defaults can be natural or the result of an injury. If the nose has been knocked, the sides are too hollow or there is a large lump, if the tip of the nose sinks when the person talks or smiles, if the bridge is too thin, etc. All these characteristics, and more, do not require surgery and can be corrected using volumizing hyaluronic acid injections. Filler gel injections are rarely effective for noses with excess tissue. In most of these cases, surgical rhinoplasty is necessary.

How does hyaluronic acid treat the nose?

Hyaluronic acid is a component which is naturally present in the dermis, giving the skin a hydrophilic effect. Put simply, the substance enables water retention and therefore preserves the volume, tone and elasticity of the tissue. It is perfectly tolerated and broken down by the body. Dr Gauthier only uses pure hyaluronic acid gels, the top end of the range from the best laboratories.

How does the hyaluronic acid injection session for the nose take place?

Rhinoplasty takes place in the surgery, after a consultation with Dr Gauthier. First, the clinical interview allows the practitioner to advise, or not advise, medical rhinoplasty. This exchange allows the patient to communicate his/her expectations to the practitioner. The surgeon then evaluates the indicated procedure and the desired results.
The procedure lasts approximately 10 minutes. According to guidelines, the procedures can be carried out without anaesthetic, with a topical anaesthetic or with a local anaesthetic. The high-end hyaluronic acid gels used by Dr Gauthier also contain an anaesthetic, making the procedures almost pain-free.
The injection is carried out using ultra-fine needles or micro-cannulas to ensure maximum precision and careful handling of the treated tissue, whilst reducing side effects.

The effects of hyaluronic acid injections for medical rhinoplasty

Sometimes, a redness or slight swelling appears on the injected areas. It will disappear within a few hours. In rare cases, a small bruise can appear. It can be easily covered with makeup. The patient can immediately resume their daily activities.

When will the results appear?

The results of enhancement using hyaluronic acid injections are visible immediately after the procedure. The expertise of the practitioner will ensure that the patient’s expectations are fulfilled. The new look of the nose is already similar to the final result. It will be perfect after a few days when the treated tissue has recovered. The patient can already observe the effects of the procedure.
A follow-up consultation can be arranged in the weeks after to assess the final result and potentially make minor corrections.

Counterindications of hyaluronic acid injections for medical rhinoplasty

This treatment is not recommended:

  • In cases of autoimmune disease
  • In cases of acute inflammatory disease
  • In cases of an evolving allergic background
  • In patients suffering from hepatitis C
  • In patients who have used non-degradable filler injections

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