Science of Glamour part 4

This fourth and final part is on a subject close to my heart: wrinkle hunting is a real threat to beauty and natural charm!
“Beauty”? Few people have it and never for a long time… “Charm”? We all have it! Natural charm is the specific harmony between all our features. It is important to keep this perception of the face as a whole in order to conserve its natural charm.

The mistake? Looking at yourself through a magnifying glass, because no one else ever looks at you in detail. “Aesthetic” doctors must know how to curb these excessive requests, because smoothing out everything will emphasis age, and in an artificial way. This artifice causes unease in the viewer, which counters any seductive effect. The keyword is subtlety and/or lightness. In expert hands, botulinum toxin makes it possible to highlight the beauty in natural features.

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